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What can I find out about Avalon Apartments – Small Town Living in a Big City?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Searching for a bit of small-town living with all the benefits of a big city? Avalon apartments might be just the right combination! Located just downstream from Pittsburgh, Avalon has a small-town feel without sacrificing the convenience of amenities you expect from a major city like Pittsburgh.

A popular alternative with families and single individuals alike, Avalon apartments provide affordable housing options with all the comfort and convenience associated with more expensive areas. Not sure if Avalon apartment living is right for your family? Try this quick exercise:

  1. Make a list of all the important amenities you want or need in a neighborhood. Common examples include a public library, hospital, parks, and vet (for your four-legged friends).
  2. Perform a search for Avalon apartments to compare prices and amenities with other areas of the city.
  3. Perform an online search to see how many of the items from option number one are within a 15-minute drive of your new Avalon apartment. Don’t be surprised to find that in addition to their delightful neighborhood feel, the majority of apartments in Avalon are located close to everything you need.

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