What concerns should I have about finding a pet friendly apartment?

Few pet owners would be willing to part with their four-legged companions, even if it meant sacrificing a desired apartment. The fact is, for as many apartments that welcome pets, there are an equal number that don’t—for obvious reasons. The damage that pets can do to carpets and flooring can cost your landlord an arm and a leg to repair. There are, however, Cincinnati apartments you can rent that will allow pets under certain circumstances.

You should never expect to be allowed to move into an apartment with your pet without having to put down a substantial chunk of additional change. The pet deposit is a security measure that most apartment owners will require as insurance against the inevitable.

In addition to paying a pet deposit, you may find that some landlords impose breed restrictions. For example, a renter with a Yorkshire Terrier may be allowed to move into an apartment complex, but a renter with a Pit Bull will not. These restrictions exist due to certain risks inherent with breeds that are deemed vicious or aggressive.

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