What does Kirkland have to offer?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

One Seattle suburb located on the east side of Lake Washington is the town of Kirkland. It is the only city on the Eastside with a downtown located on the waterfront, with ample eateries, galleries and parks to keep visitors and residents busy. A strong sense of community is the hallmark of Kirkland; comprised of eleven neighborhoods, the city has numerous committees in place to insure involvement and communication of the needs of all who live there.

As is the case with most cities on the Eastside, Kirkland is fairly affluent by Washington standards, thanks to the tech firms located in adjacent Redmond. Mega-warehouse chain Costco originated in Kirkland, and continues to sell Kirkland Signature brand products.

Prices for apartments in Kirkland start in the $800 per month range for one bedroom. Two bedroom units cost around $1200-$1300, depending on the area. Pricier rentals can be found if a more upscale building or neighborhood is what you’re looking for. The city’s website has a number of links to inform and encourage residents to participate in Kirkland’s neighborhood life. If relocating to this part of Washington is in your plan, check it out for lots of useful information: www.ci.kirkland.wa.us.

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