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What is a good place to live in terms of access to downtown San Antonio?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Balcones Heights is a must-see in terms of San Antonio area hot spots. This small city has a big nightlife scene, as well as some special events that aren’t to be missed. It also offers the perfect alternative to apartments in downtown San Antonio. You don’t have to miss a thing if you live in Balcones Heights, because your location is practically in the city anyway. With only 3,000 residents, this unique suburb is shaped like a pear, and in an area it is fairly small at only .7 square miles. Still, the entertainment here is not to be beat.

Each year Balcones Heights has a fantastic jazz festival that gets the area hopping. It also holds a one-day "Cowboy Breakfast" event that brings over 60,000 people to town to join in the fun. To that, add some local venues such as the Crossroads Mall and the Norris Conference Center, and you have a really different atmosphere in town that is already quite unique. You won’t find better access to San Antonio anywhere, so you may at least want to consider looking at Balcones Heights to see what the city has to offer in terms of rental property.

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