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What is a good spot to rent in Saint Paul if you are single?

When it comes to apartments, Minneapolis and Saint Paul both have a great deal to offer in their downtown areas. Still, for those who prefer less traffic and a smaller city, Saint Paul may be the downtown of choice between the two. This area is a great place to be if you’re single, as 64% of its residents are not married. Because the population is almost evenly split between men and women, the city night spots are a nice place to meet with friends or go on a date. The downtown Saint Paul area is a combination of owner-occupied and rental properties. Approximately half of the units are rentals, so finding somewhere to live in this area shouldn’t be a problem. There are several neighborhood housing developments in the downtown section, as well as individual apartments for rent. Whether you’re looking for something in the South Saint Paul area of the city center or something a bit more central, there is plenty to consider here.

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