What is Coronado like?

Those searching for a San Diego rental property that is right on the water may want to investigate the town of Coronado. Although it almost looks as though it is an island, it is still connected to land—but water is all around. The city is a resort destination, and those who enjoy a posh lifestyle will find that this city has much to offer. Older homes are part of the landscape here—some of them dating back 100 years. Bayside Parks and tree-lined streets complete this pretty picture.

A short drive away from downtown San Diego, Coronado can claim excellent proximity as well as unparalleled access to the water. This area is always lively—but especially in the summer when the tourists are there to enjoy the area. It can be a great place to live for those who like a vibrant atmosphere, since there is always something going on. Those who love to be outdoors will find this is a place where the scenery is very inviting. Cycling, boating and surfing are all extremely popular here. If you are trying to find a place in California that gives the feel of an island paradise, but is still connected to a big city, try Coronado.

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