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What is Detroit like?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Nicknamed "The Motor City," Detroit is a large U.S. city located in Michigan. The population here is approximately 920,000 people, and the metropolitan area around the city center has nearly four million residents. With a land area of about 138 square miles and a four-season climate, this can be an appealing place to live for people who enjoy this region of the country. Detroit apartments are easy to find, and those who are looking can also check the many surrounding suburbs for rentals.

The city lists some "fun facts" on its Website, and these include the fact that Detroit:

  • is second in the nation in the sale of fishing rods.
  • has the most registered bowlers in the United States.
  • is home to the "Motown sound."

Some of the famous names that hail from Detroit include Aretha Franklin, Henry Ford, Tom Selleck and Rosa Parks, among others. The city was a big part of the industrialization of America, and has historically been tied to automobile manufacturing, even though the economy there has continued to develop and diversify over the years.

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