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What is Houston like?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Houston is a very large city at 634 square miles. With world-class educational institutions, a top-notch arts scene and all the modern amenities of a big city, it is also a fun place to live. Apartments in Houston are not hard to come by, although it may take a while to find just the right spot to set up a home base in this expansive town. A large city means plenty of suburban offerings as well as neighborhoods, such as Pearland, Missouri City and Humble.

A seemingly endless cascade of events and warm weather makes this city a lovely place to call home whether you are renting an apartment or buying a home. Farmers markets, festivals and outdoor dining all add a certain appeal to the city and surrounding area. It makes sense to investigate all the possibilities before settling down in a certain area. A good place to begin is by deciding if you want to live in the main area of the city or in one of the surrounding areas.

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