What is Huber Heights like?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Huber Heights is situated to the northeast of Dayton and is known for having the largest community of brick homes in the nation. With the I 70/75 intersection conveniently located nearby, it is a very easy drive to the downtown area, making it a good spot to look for Dayton, Ohio rentals outside of the main city. It is a fairly populated town with approximately 40,000 residents. With 13 parks, the town also offers numerous recreation opportunities, including horseback riding, picnic areas and ball fields. There are industrial and commercial areas here that contribute significantly to the economic landscape of the city. Good Samaritan Health Center recently opened a two-story facility that adds 50,000 square feet of healthcare services to the list of amenities in Huber Heights. In terms of housing, the community continues to expand the list of 14,000 residences to include new developments, especially in the northern section of town. Although the city prides itself on the large number of brick homes in the area, there are also many apartments for rent here as well.

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