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What is it like in Bellevue and Mercer Island?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Located east of Lake Washington is the state’s 5th largest city, Bellevue. For young professionals seeking living space outside the downtown area but with the same feel, Bellevue boasts downtown skylines overlooking Puget Sound. As the high tech home to companies like Expedia, Microsoft, Yahoo and Google, this area holds a similar urban upscale appeal to Seattle, right down to the abundance of parks, recreation areas, beaches and shopping. Some living spaces in Bellevue can be quite pricey, with apartments ranging from $900 for one bedroom, up to $2000 for one bedroom in a luxury high-rise complex. Some upscale apartments ring in upwards of $5000 per month for just two bedrooms.

Neighboring Mercer Island, also within the Seattle metropolitan area, is an island community overlooking Lake Washington which boasts its own unique personality and pace. Rental prices vary greatly, depending on the view you desire and how upscale you want your living space to be.

With all these areas have to offer, apartments in Bellevue/Mercer Island should be quite appealing to professionals and young families looking for Seattle’s amenities within a smaller urban landscape.

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