What is it like in the South/Southwestern area of Austin?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Apartments in South Austin, Texas are becoming more and more in vogue as the area comes into its own. Ever since the 1980s, the once predominantly working class, bohemian section of the city has become a trendy new spot for renters and residents alike. The South Congress area boomed with restaurants that wanted proximity to the city center without exorbitant rents and the Fairview Park and Travis Heights areas are especially "hot" these days.

Apartments in Southwest Austin , Texas have fared much the same in terms of price and popularity, sharing in the renewed interest in the area. New businesses and trendy shops have come to this section in droves, making the shopping fun and funky and the mood of the neighborhood interesting and fresh.

As with other areas of Austin, the neighborhood may be distinctly different, but the access to the city center and nightlife can’t be beat. Everything is within an easy distance where one can experience the music, enjoy the atmosphere, have a wonderful dinner or just hang out downtown for a while. When you are ready to wrap things up, it is just a short way back home to your apartment. It isn’t intruding on your life, but it is always available if you want it.

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