What is King George County like?

King George County is in Virginia, and it is a beautiful area with 131 miles of shore along the Rappahannock and Potomac Rivers. With a population of over 20,00 people, it can be a great place to live for a number of different reasons. The county is located near the Washington Metropolitan Area, but it is also situated near the scenic "northern neck" region, which is known for its beauty. Apartments in King George County are a good pick for those who love the outdoors since there is much more of a rural feel here.

King George County features both forested land and agriculture, which add nicely to the landscape. US Route 3 and US Route 301 serve the area, so getting around is not a problem. Although there are other places with a shorter commute to DC, this area is so pretty that it may be worth considering. The fact that it is less populated than many other counties in the Washington Metropolitan Area also adds a bit of appeal for those who prefer more of a community atmosphere. This charming section of Virginia is a good spot to look for rentals if you prefer to be out of the hustle and bustle of downtown DC.

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