What is Manchester, New Hampshire like?

With all of the New England states being in such close proximity, a short drive will easily take you from one to another. One such state, New Hampshire, is situated northeast of Massachusetts and has over 220 towns to choose from. Known as the “Mother of Rivers” for the bounty of New England rivers that originate there, and the “Switzerland of America” for its beautiful mountain scenery, this small state is lovely as a getaway or place to live.

The largest city in the state and the most populous New England city north of Boston, is Manchester. The metropolitan area is one of the fastest-growing in New England. In early 2009, CNN rated the Manchester area 13th in its "100 Best Places to Live in America."

Apartments in Manchester area can be found in city high rises or quaint country villages. Depending on the location, prices may range from $600-$850 for a studio, $900-$1,200 for a one-bedroom, and upwards of $1,300 for two-bedroom units.

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