What is Nassau County like?

Nassau County is in northeast Florida, close to the Atlantic Ocean and I-95. It is a pretty area that has a rich history. If you are looking for rentals in this area of the state, apartments in Fernadina Beach area make a lovely place to live. Fernandia Beach and Amelia Island are well-known as resort areas, so the beaches here are truly something to see. Even with its reputation, apartments can be found at reasonable prices if you are willing to put time into your search. To live in this region, it can be well worth the effort.

Oceanfront homes and historic Victorians can be seen here, lending a grand feel to the overall atmosphere. Fort Clinch State Park is nearby, offering just one of many opportunities for outdoor recreation in the area. Opportunities for boating, fishing and other water activities abound here as well. Centre Street is a historic spot in town to check out, but merely walking around the neighborhood is enjoyable here. If you are searching for a unique community that has a very posh feel to it, take a peek in Nassau County for some lovely rentals.

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