What is Northside Jacksonville living like?

There are many different neighborhoods in Northside Jacksonville, such as San Mateo, Garden City, Durkeeville and Oceanway. Each of these areas has a different feel and a variety of rental opportunities. Apartments in Northside Jacksonville are convenient to downtown, but may not have the easy access to the Jacksonville Beach area that some other sections of the city offer. If you aren’t the type to spend the day at the beach, or don’t mind a slightly longer trip, this shouldn’t be a problem. Places such as Fernandina Beach and several nature preserves are still close by.

Jacksonville is not as large as some other cities, but that doesn’t mean it is short on amenities. The downtown area is close by and it offers cultural opportunities, dining and all the things you would expect in a big city. Finding apartments in the Northside area shouldn’t be a problem, and the cost of living in this region is fairly reasonable as well. If you like Jacksonville, be sure to take a look at the Northside neighborhoods to see if any of them have what you are looking for.

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