What is Oakland like?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Oakland is a small town located just outside Orlando. You won’t find the same type of rentals Orlando has to offer in this city, but for those who love more of a community feel, this is a great place to search for an apartment. Sometimes referred to as a "sophisticated Mayberry," Oakland retains a charm that allows for a more relaxed lifestyle than one might find in the urban city center. With approximately 1,300 residents, you can really get to know your neighbors and still take advantage of all that Orlando has to offer. Walt Disney World is just a short trip into the city, and all the shopping and dining you could want is right at your fingertips.

Oakland is committed to responsible growth and has worked very hard to retain the character that it has become well-known for. While the community continues to expand, the government has tried to preserve the things that have made the town special, and they have done well thus far. Lake Apopka and the Oakland Nature Preserve are both in the area for residents to enjoy, lending a more rural feel to the town. If you are committed to having a sense of community and you like a small-town atmosphere, take a look at Oakland.

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