What is off-campus housing priced at in Williamsburg?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

In addition to being a living colonial history museum, Williamsburg is home to the College of William and Mary. Named after King William III and Queen Mary II of England, W & M is the second-oldest institution of higher learning in the country, after Harvard. This cutting-edge research university’s highly regarded undergraduate program was ranked #4 among American public universities by Forbes magazine in 2009. Professional programs at the school include Law, Business, Education, Marine Science, and Colonial History. One of the big draws to the school is that, according to their website, they offer a superior “Ivy League” education at a public university price.

Some noteworthy graduates of the College of William and Mary include Thomas Jefferson, U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Chief Justice John Marshall, and General David McKiernan.

For students or families relocating to the area, Williamsburg apartments are available within less than two miles of the university. One- and two-bedroom apartments can be found for $670 to $825 and $700 to $850, respectively. If you’re looking to be farther from the school and closer to historic colonial Williamsburg and all that entails, units in similar price ranges can be found, as well as some higher-end rentals in the $1,100 to $2,450 range for one-to four-bedrooms.

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