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What is Puget Sound and how are the efforts at conservation going?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

The metropolitan area of Seattle overlooks the pristine waters of Puget Sound, which is partially responsible for the damp climate and defines the personality of this part of the Pacific Northwest. Sometimes simply referred to as “the Sound,” the saltwater bay is fed seasonally by runoff from the Olympic and Cascade Mountain watersheds. A ferry system brings both people and cars across the water to and from the many islands surrounding the Washington mainland. Most of the ferry transportation is devoted to bringing people from the island communities to work in the city, or to the islands for recreational activities and sightseeing.

Apartments in across the sound islands such as Bainbridge offer spectacular views of the mountains, as well as close proximity to both recreation and industry. Conservationists are hard at work trying to preserve the land and wildlife in and around Puget Sound, so residents of these areas should be prepared to live ecologically to help in the fight. Wildliferecreation.org is an informative resource to learn about the efforts being made to maintain this vital area.

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