What is Puyallup, Washington like?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Even though there is a population of 33,011 people residing in the city of Puyallup, encompassing 12,870 households and 8,519 families, it is still able to maintain a small-town feel. This is mostly because of its respect for their surrounding farmlands, nature, and community.

The Puyallup Soil
If you are looking at apartments in Sumner/Puyallup, take the time to look around the neighborhood gardens of Puyallup. The city was settled in a valley filled with fertile soil, nourished by eons of volcanic and glacial geologic activity.

Just outside of Puyallup, you will find an abundance of daffodil farms. The fertile soil is especially optimal for daffodils, which are grown for distribution worldwide and are featured in the town’s annual spring daffodil parade.

The Puyallup Fairgrounds
The Puyallup Fair is one of the ten largest fairs in the country and the largest fair in Washington State. The fair traditionally runs for two weeks in September and for one weekend in April, when it is known as the Spring Fair.

Puyallup Commerce
Puyallup is known for its myriad antique stores, many of which are located next to each other in historic Downtown Center. These downtown stores maintain the architecture of the pioneer spirit that formed much of the West.

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