What is the area to the southwest of Atlanta like?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

In terms of the apartments in southwest, Union City/Peachtree City areas are good locations if you are searching for a rental in the Atlanta region. Peachtree City is a terrific spot for those who need to commute to Midtown Atlanta, as there is a commuter vanpool option that is provided for residents. Other carpooling options are available. Peachtree City also has an elaborate multi-use path system that networks for 90 miles through the city. This allows for golf cart, bicycle or pedestrian traffic instead of cars. The town is approximately 20 miles outside of Atlanta. Union City is a bit closer to the big city, and is located to the southwest of the downtown area as well. A fairly quiet community, it has a growing business sector and a good number of community groups for those who enjoy a small town atmosphere. Other cities that are in this region include Fairburn and Fayetteville, both of which offer a similar feel. Any of these cities are a good place to search for rental property outside the Atlanta city center.

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