What is the best way to get around South Bend using public transportation?

Getting around South Bend and the outlying cities is easy, with many options for traveling in and around the area. Whether you own a car or not, public transportation can be an economical, convenient and green way to get from place to place.

The South Bend Public Transportation Corporation (known as TRANSPO) is the city’s transportation system. TRANSPO originated as a railway company then transitioned into buses as a means of public transportation. As a matter of fact, TRANSPO is actually one of the oldest, continuously-operated businesses in the South Bend/Mishawaka area.

On the lines that TRANSPO operates, 200 miles of bus routes weave through South Bend and neighboring Mishawaka, with enough stops along the way to easily take you to and from work or school, or to any shopping destination. So if you’re looking for Mishawaka apartments, you can rest assured that South Bend is still within your reach. In the downtown area, TRANSPO operates a trolley system, a fun and convenient way to explore downtown South Bend attractions.

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