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What is the climate like in Boston?

If you like diversity in your weather, Boston is your kind of place. The climate changes considerably in each season, and has even been known to take an unusual turn–think snow in October and heat-waves in February. But the soothing spring with its ocean breezes and the undeniably spectacular fall foliage make New England a wonderful place to visit and live.

Summer in Boston means hot and humid weather, so it’s important to be prepared. Donning a hat and slathering on sunscreen are the best defenses, and luckily, the beach is never far away. Winter, by contrast, can be bitterly cold, particularly because of the wind coming off the ocean. It does snow in this area, but it rains a lot as well. Prepare with warm clothes and wet-weather protection.

The best time to venture out in Massachusetts and the surrounding areas is in late spring and early fall. The weather is warm in the spring but not too hot, so exploring the sites of Boston can be very pleasant. The renowned fall foliage of New England is in all its glory during autumn, ideal for exploring and appreciating this area of our country. Check out the rental apartments Boston has to offer to make this beautiful place your home year-round.

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