What is the cost of living in Olympia?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

There are many diverse neighborhoods in the South Sound region; they often vary in cost and income. As of May 2010, the total average cost of living for an Olympia renter is $43,236.

Here are some specific costs for utilities, goods, and services:

1.) Auto gas price:
Regular, Unleaded ranges: $2.89 to $3.11 per gallon

2.) Average Monthly Water Bill: $30

3.) Average Monthly Electric bill: $97

4.) Average natural-gas bill: $80

5.) Average garbage (with recycling) monthly bill: $15

6.) Movie-theater ticket price:
1 adult ticket: $9.75

7.) Average two-bedroom apartments for rent in Olympia: $888.00/month

A person living downtown will usually have a much lower cost of living than someone living in Federal Way or most areas farther away from downtown Olympia.

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