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What is the Denver Tech Center made up of?

The Denver Tech Center, often referred to by Colorado residents as the "DTC" is a large area that is home to an enormous collection of hotels and corporate buildings. There are over 9 million square feet of office space in the DTC, and it really is considered a business "hub" in the area.

There aren’t really apartments in Denver Tech Center itself so much as there are plenty of apartments near Denver Tech. The neighboring areas are popular spots for those working at DTC to set up residence and make the easy commute to work. Those who live nearby can take advantage of public transportation options including a train that runs through DTC every day. The Southeast Corridor Light Rail opened in November of 2006 and it offers a very convenient option for commuters.

Denver Tech Center dining often centers around hotel restaurants and sports bars for lunch. Many of these places also accommodate the after work crowd. There are many hotels in the area, including well-known brand-name hotels. Recent developments include the Crescent Town Center, which features a public park, restaurants and a bank, among other things.

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