What is the draw of the South of Boston area?

One of the most densely-populated neighborhoods in Boston is South Boston, once known for being a working-class, predominately Irish-American neighborhood. In recent years, this part of Boston has become both a destination as well as a settlement for young professionals and families who are drawn to the city’s strong sense of community and close proximity to downtown Boston. Because of strong efforts at redevelopment, particularly of the Waterfront, new and desirable neighborhoods are emerging and creating an increasing demand for homes and apartments in South of Boston.

Boston and all its suburbs are full of culture, entertainment and recreational activities, and South Boston is no different. If living on the south side is up your alley, here is an idea of the what you might expect to pay for rentals, depending of course upon the exact street and location you choose:

  • studio: from $950
  • one-bedroom: from $1,200
  • two-bedroom: from $1,850
  • three bedroom: from $1,950

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