What is the historic area of the city like?

If you are searching for apartments in Philadelphia and want to live near the historic sites, try to get close to the square mile between Front and 7th and then runs from Spruce to Race Streets. This section of the city boasts the most historic landmarks. It is here that you can see the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and other important pieces of our nation’s history. Cobblestone streets and old architecture add to the allure of this area. Since this is a tourist area, there are also plenty of amenities, including shops, restaurants and cafes.

If you want to live near this area of the city, there are some apartments around. Transportation here is a snap, as it is designed to get people in and out easily for the sake of tourism. Of course, the addition of tourists to the area does tend to make things a bit more crowded as well. If that doesn’t bother you, then this is a terrific place to live, always brimming with people and things to do. You’ll never feel lonely in this part of Philadelphia, and the nation’s history is everywhere you look.

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