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What is the Lincoln Highway?

If you’re a road trip junkie, settling down in the South Bend area would be a convenient way to satisfy your fix. From that location, you can easily hop on the Lincoln Highway, a highway stretching across 12 states in a continuous route from New York to California. The road traverses 3,389 miles, with a 76-mile corridor leading to South Bend on its way across the state of Indiana.

Originally developed as a way to define a direct coast-to-coast automobile pathway, the Lincoln Highway was conceived in 1913 by Carl Fisher, the man who built the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. At the time, developers of the highway enlisted the help of Boy Scout troops to place nearly 3,000 concrete Lincoln Highway markers along the route in all 12 states, many of which are still there.

So if your goal is to find the finest apartment Indiana has to offer, you are sure to sample the best of the Midwest along this famous stretch of paved road.

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