What is the nightlife like in Hollywood?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

In terms of L.A. apartments, Hollywood offers a unique place to live. Besides the fact that you can often see famous names on the streets here, there is also plenty to do in town. This is a city with a vibrant nightlife, so those who like to get out and enjoy an evening on the town may want to consider this as a home base. There is almost nowhere more glamorous than Hollywood Boulevard at night, with all the paparazzi and socialites milling about and living it up. Things are very fluid here, and you will find that the trends change quickly, keeping the scene very interesting.

Live music, dining and dancing are the order of the day in Hollywood’s party scene, and there is plenty to choose from. Some of the hot spots include places such as LAX, The Kress, The Knitting Factory and Avalon, to name just a few. There are always new ones popping up as well. You can also keep an eye out for what is coming to the Hollywood Palladium, a historic venue that was just recently re-opened. There is much going on in the Hollywood scene, and there is no better way to keep up with everything than by living in town. There are plenty of rentals available in the area.

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