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What is the Northwest Side of Lansing like?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Lansing, Michigan, rentals are a little harder to come by in the Northwest Side area of the city, simply because it is a smaller area than the other sections. Located north of the Grand River, it is characterized by a suburban feel in some places and a rural feel in others. There are also warehouses and industrial sections in this region of the city, giving the Northwest Side a bit of a different layout than other parts of Lansing.

Those who travel a good deal may find that this part of the city is worth a little extra looking as it is the perfect spot for people who need access to both the train and the airport. Capital City Airport is right there and the major rail line serving the area is also located in the Northwest Side area. The absence of hustle and bustle makes this a nice place to set up home base, as there is plenty of peace and quiet, but the location means that it is easy to take a quick trip when needed.

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