What is the Reading Terminal Market?

If you are searching for an apartment, Philadelphia has some great places to offer. One nice spot to look for rental property is the area around the Reading Terminal Market. Located at 12th and Arch Streets, this is the oldest farmers market in the United States. If you live near this great spot, you will never be far from a good meal or fresh food. Many people do their shopping here, and it is also a good place to stop for a quick meal. You will find everything from Asian food to famous Philadelphia Cheesesteak inside.

When you wander around the market you will see a wide variety of foods on display. There are Amish merchants selling freshly prepared foods, unique crafts and more to leisurely browse through. Over 80 stalls sell goods here, which means there is a lot to see. The Reading Terminal Market is a slice of our nation’s history since it has been around since 1892, and there are still a few merchants there that are related to the original stand-holders from when it all began. Even if you wind up renting somewhere like Blackwood or Cherry Hill, make sure to drop by and check this spot out.

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