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What is the Southside area like in Jacksonville?

If you are thinking about relocating to the Jacksonville area, you will need to decide where in the city you want to live. Apartments in Southside Jacksonville don’t have the same feel as those in the Northside area, and the suburbs have yet another type of atmosphere to offer. Jacksonville is not a terribly large city by U.S. standards, so it lacks that heavy urban vibe that you would get somewhere like New York or Chicago. That said, there are still plenty of amenities in the Jacksonville area, so you won’t have to feel as though you are deprived of good dining opportunities or cultural experiences.

The Southside area in Jacksonville is a great place for renters to search for an apartment as there are many located in this region. Many of the rentals here are in apartment complexes, and there are a number of newer buildings as well. The beaches are nearby and transportation around the city is good from here, so it is a nice place to live. Shopping, dining and entertainment are also plentiful here. If you need a good apartment with convenient access to downtown, check out Southside Jacksonville before you get too far into your search. You might be able to find something here rather quickly.

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