What is the town of Castle Rock like?

The town of Castle Rock is located halfway between Colorado Springs and Denver, making it a great spot for those who enjoy big city amenities but who prefer the charm of a smaller city. With just over 46,000 people, the town enjoys a low crime rate, clean air and plenty of room. Regardless of whether you live in a house or one of the apartments in Castle Rock, you can enjoy the 300 or so days of sunshine they have every year in this area of the country.

Small-town charm is evident in the boutique shopping and family-friendly atmosphere that the city enjoys. As a matter-of-fact, Family Circle Magazine named Castle Rock one of the "top ten places in the country to raise a family." Families make up 77% of the households in the city. Downtown Castle Rock is a mixture of historic landmarks, shopping and unique Castle Rock restaurants. It is also the location for many of the local community events that take place each year.

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