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What is the transportation system in OKC like?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

When you’re considering the available apartments for rent Oklahoma City offers, keep in mind their location relative to where you will be working. While downtown OKC is a metropolitan area, is lacks the extensive network of transportation services other large cities may have. The Metro Transit system has routes running through the inner city areas, as well as commuter routes to Edmond and Norman from the downtown district, but overall lacks accessibility to the outlying cities.

An extensive network of freeways feeds the Oklahoma City area. These large 6-8 lane highways serve every major city in the region, but the traffic is pretty light compared to what similarly sized areas see. The city streets themselves are set up in a well-spaced grid system.

Several plans are in the works to extend both the transit system and passenger train service to better connect the downtown area to outlying districts around Oklahoma City. For the time being, light traffic and close proximity make driving from surrounding cities to the heart of downtown a relatively easy endeavor.

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