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What is Vancouver like?

If you want to be located near Portland, consider looking at apartments in the Vancouver area. Located a bit to the north in the state of Washington, this city of over 160,000 people is still close to downtown Portland and is easily accessible from I-5. It is also situated near the Columbia River. This is another town where getting around on foot is no problem and where nature takes center stage. Vancouver is Washington’s fourth-largest city, and in terms of atmosphere, it is both big city and small town. Historic buildings sit next to new construction, making for a unique blend of old and new. A highly developed parks and recreation system offers everything from a variety of trails to recreation programs. There is so much to experience in this region, including the Cascade Mountains, Mount Saint Helens and the Pacific Ocean. Fishing, windsurfing, hiking and skiing are just some of the activities that are right at your fingertips if you live in the Vancouver area.

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