What is Washington County like?

Named for George Washington, Washington County is in Maryland and it was established in the year 1776. There are many historical sites in this region, including a fort built in 1756 for use during the French and Indian War. Apartments in Washington County are perfect for those who are looking for a historic place to live that has access to some of the larger cities in the region. If you are searching for some good places to begin your rental search, try cities such as Williamsport or Hagerstown.

Hagerstown is a lovely, modern city with plenty of amenities, whereas Williamsport is a small city with more of a "hometown" charm. There are a number of other places to look as well, including Smithsburg, Sharpsburg, Keedysville and Funkstown. This 458 square mile area offers residents access to three national parks, seven state parks, 14 county parks and much more in terms of recreational amenities and green space. Among the more unusual of the region’s "claims to fame" are the 24 stone arch bridges that are located throughout the area. George Washington County can make a great place to rent an apartment—especially if you appreciate the historic feel that many of the towns provide.

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