What should I keep in mind when looking for Washington DC apartments?

Washington DC, home to 570,000 people, sits on the mid-Atlantic coast. Washington DC apartments come in a wide range—from fancy, furnished apartments to small studios in the heart of the city. As the nation’s capital, Washington DC is full of opportunities to experience the history and culture of the United States. This city may be small, but it is vibrant and alive.

Washington DC is an educated city, with 42% of those 25 and older holding at least a bachelor’s degree. There are many different neighborhoods here, and although the town is small in size, it can take some time to sift through the city and find a rental property that suits your taste. Some may gravitate toward Georgetown with its high-end stores, bars and restaurants, while others might prefer something along the lines of the diverse, ecliectic neighborhood of Adams Morgan. If you take a little time to get to know the city, it will be worth it to find the perfect rental for you.

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