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What should I look for in a Wenatchee apartment?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Here are a few helpful tips for those looking for apartments in Wenatchee/Chelan/Douglas area:

There are a few ways to avoid the traffic from East Wenatchee to Wenatchee. I suggest looking for apartments that lie on the same side of the Columbia River. That way, you won’t run into the traffic jams over the two bridges that connect the cities. If you need to commute to work over one of the bridges, consider using a bicycle.

Just north of the Senator George Sellar Bridge, there is a smaller bridge for bikes and walkers. Commute over this bridge might be difficult in the winter, but many of the outdoorsman residents of Wenatchee cross this snowy bridge on snowshoes or cross-country skis in the winter months.

Wind Protection
When looking at apartments or houses in the area, try to find one with a backyard or patio facing east. When the wind hits the Wenatchee Valley, it usually comes from the west. Use your house or apartment building to buffer these winds so you can spend still, hassle-free summer evenings on your patio or backyard.

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