What towns are northwest of the Twin Cities region?

If you want to browse apartments in Northwest Twin Cities regional area, there are a few great towns to check out. Brooklyn Center is a darling city with approximately 30,000 residents. Not only does this town have a terrific shopping center with over 80 stores, but it has quite a few parks and a golf course as well. New Hope is another community in the area. It counts an outdoor theatre, a skateboard park and a community gym among its many amenities. Crystal, a charming suburban town of 23,000 people, is also located in this northwest region. In addition to its proximity to Minneapolis, this town has a shopping center of its own, as well as parks, a community center and an aquatic center. If you’d like to live a bit farther out, Anoka might also work well. Still a fairly easy commute to either of the Twin Cities, this community is a bit more off the beaten path for those who prefer a rural feel.

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