What type of city is Plano and are there any other cities in the area worth checking out?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Plano is a lovely city to the north of Dallas. It has a population of over 240,000 people and the town is situated in a terrific location. There is a bit of space between the downtown area and Plano, but not so much that it feels far away, making apartments in Plano desirable if you work in the city. This town has a great creative arts scene, with three different facilities: the Courtyard Theater, the Cox Building Playhouse and the Amphitheater at Oak Point Park. It seems as though there is always a performance going on at one of the venues in Plano.

For those who want to put a little more distance between their apartment and Dallas, there are several communities north of Plano that offer good options for renters. Places such as Prosper, Sherman and Denison are all still very practical choices, if a bit more off the beaten path. This entire region has experienced a good deal of growth, and it is expected to continue along this path for some time to come.

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