What’s the average credit score to be approved for an apartment?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Credit approval scores are difficult to judge, because many companies use different criteria to decide whether or not to grant you credit—or residence, as the case may be if you’re looking for apartments Raleigh and you have either poor credit, or no credit to speak of. So is it possible to know ahead of time what kind of credit score you’ll need in order to be approved for an apartment?

The short answer is no… but the solution is to consistently work on maintaining a good credit rating. A credit score takes time to recover once you’ve begun making positive steps to repair it. If you take the constantly vigilant approach, the odds that you’ll “get caught with your score down” becomes of minimal concern.

In general terms, a credit score of 600-700 is what you should aim for. But if your score’s not there, don’t let that prevent you from trying to find an apartment. Being able to prove that you’re steadily employed;or a full-time student attending NCSU—could work in your favor if you stress that point on your apartment application. Because above credit scores, if a landlord sees you as productive, you’re less likely in their eyes to bail on your rent. To play it safe, apply for apartments close to the university. Doing so, you’re likely to find landlords that are a bit easier on individuals with low credit.

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