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What’s the cost of apartment rental in the areas surrounding Salt Lake City?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Most people wrongly assume that everyone who lives in Salt Lake City also works there. With the presence of Hill Air Force Base in the Ogden area, the sixth-largest employer in the state of Utah, there are literally thousands of people who commute daily from their homes in Salt Lake City to work thirty miles north.

If you’re concerned about gas prices, vehicle wear-and-tear, and the size of the carbon footprint you might be leaving making a sixty-mile round trip every day, consider that there are many places to live outside of the state capital that just might appeal to your desire for simplicity.

In addition to a shortened commute, life on the periphery of Salt Lake City offers other financial benefits. A quick look at apartment listings in the city of Layton shows the average one-bedroom apartment cost hovering just over $600, with studio apartments dipping below $500. Single-occupant apartments in neighboring Bountiful range between $600 and $700 a month, with rentals in Ogden—a city undergoing a substantial redevelopment that’s resulted in a dramatically reinvigorated downtown historic and retail district—beating all offers.

If you want to compare dollars to dollars, studio apartments in Salt Lake City cost far more than significantly larger properties in Ogden, Layton, or Bountiful. But there’s nothing to compare to the peace of mind you might discover by finding a simpler, quieter life just a half hour’s drive up north.

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