What’s the weather like in San Diego?

Apartments in San Diego all have one thing in common—terrific weather. This region has one of the best climates anywhere in the United States. Known for its sunshine and mild temperatures, it doesn’t get the weather extremes the way that many other areas of the country do. There is very little snow in the entire southern area—and it almost never occurs near the coast. While thunderstorms and hurricanes do happen, they are quite rare in this region. Regardless of whether you live in Coronado or Brawley, summer activities are rarely spoiled by rain as it remains pretty dry in those months.

Sometimes a cloud cover will cause "gray" periods, especially in May and June, but the sun is nearly always present otherwise. Average temperatures range from around 57 degrees in January to 72 degrees in July, and the average daily temperature is 70.5 degrees. All-in-all it is difficult to find a place with weather this beautiful, which makes the region a very popular place to live and to visit. If you are looking for an area of the country that has terrific weather all year long, check out the San Diego area for rental property.

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