Where are Federal Way and Auburn in relation to Seattle?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Located between Seattle and Tacoma, but still considered part of the metropolitan area, lies the large suburban community of Federal Way. Flanked by Mt. Rainier and Puget Sound, Federal Way is the 6th largest city in Washington and boasts a mild climate thanks to its close proximity to the Sound.

Another community nestled in the heart of the Green River Valley is Auburn, smaller than Federal Way but just as warm and welcoming. This town was home to the early settlers of King County, as well as several Indian tribes. While larger industries have made their mark there, Auburn retains its small town feel, embracing its proud history while staying current.

Rentals in both Federal Way and Auburn start around $750 per month for one bedroom and just under $1000 for two bedrooms, and go up from there.

The major hub of Sea-Tac Airport and the ports of Seattle and Tacoma are within a 30 minute drive of both of these cities, making apartments in Federal Way/Auburn good choices for those wishing to be close to the city, but removed from the urban pace.

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