Where are Midwest City and Del City and what are they like?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Midwest City, in the metropolitan Oklahoma City area, is the seventh largest city in terms of population in the state. It is just five minutes from downtown OKC and all that metropolitan area has to offer. Tinker Air Force Base is the primary employer in Midwest City, and the largest single-site employer in Oklahoma. The Air Force Base is the focus of tourism efforts aimed at showcasing Oklahoma’s air travel and defense achievements. The community has been hit hard by several tornadoes in recent years, so revitalization efforts are ongoing.

Closely bordering Midwest City is tiny Del City, measuring around 7.5 square miles. The corporate headquarters of Midwest Trophy Manufacturing is located here, but since it only employs about 400 people, most residents commute to neighboring cities for work. Attractions in Del City include the Country and Western Museum, Del City Preservation and Historical Society, and War Memorial.

Midwest City/Del City apartments are listed in the $400 range for studios, and around $520 for one-bedroom units.

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