Where are some of the ethnic neighborhoods in the Detroit area?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Looking for apartments in Detroit? It can be helpful to know that Detroit is a very diverse city. Each neighborhood has a certain ethnic flavor, which could help you choose a spot to settle down. Southwest Detroit is home to Mexicantown and Hamtramck has a large Polish, Indian and Bangladeshi population. Greektown provides a vibrant atmosphere and plenty to do and there is also an Italian neighborhood located very close to the Detroit Tunnel.

Those who are searching for somewhere to live that is out of the city center may want to take a peek at the Italian area in Macomb Township, or look into the Jewish community in Bloomfield Hills. In addition, Asian neighborhoods exist in both Troy and Madison Heights. Each of these areas is influenced by the ethnicity of the people who live there, and you can often see it reflected in the storefronts and restaurants in town. Whether you are looking to live in one of these neighborhoods or simply want to experience the culture, it’s helpful to know where they are in the Detroit area.

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