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Where are some places I can rent outside Philadelphia?

If you are searching for a rental outside of Philadelphia but still want access to the city, there are plenty of places that you can look. Even apartments in Atlantic County over in neighboring New Jersey aren’t too far away. Much depends on whether you are going to be commuting daily into downtown Philadelphia. If so, you may be better off finding something in one of the counties nearby. Counties such as Montgomery or Bucks may be a good choice.

If you are looking for recreational access you can live a bit further out and still enjoy all that there is to do and see in this big East Coast city. Atlantic City, Pleasantville and Somers Point are all options you may want to consider. Wilmington is another large city in the region that can make a great place to live. Even though it is in Delaware, it is only a short drive from Philadelphia. That is one of the perks to East Coast living—proximity. There is a good network of roadways in the area, and unlike out west cities tend to be much closer together.

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