Where can I find NCSU housing off campus?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

So you’re a graduate student attending North Carolina State University and you’re looking for housing near the campus, but aren’t sure if you’d be better off taking advantage of student housing or renting an apartment nearby. Yours isn’t a unique scenario, and there have been many before you who have faced a similar plight—stuck at a crossroads and having to make a choice between living on campus with the rowdy undergrads, or digging deep into your pockets to come up with the necessary funds to bankroll your own digs.

If money were no object, the answer would be plain as day. But money always is, and answers rarely are. Your first step is to research your options—find an online apartment search engine and see what’s available off campus. Although you can find on-campus apartments, the rates there are competitive with what you’d find immediately surrounding the university.

You can find apartments in Carrboro/Chapel-Hill that are close enough to NCSU to allow you to live near campus and find the relative peace and quiet necessary for completion of your studies, but since you won’t be the only student with the idea of doing so, you should plan ahead by launching your search a few months prior to the start of the semester.

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