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Where can I find wheelchair accessible apartments in Salt Lake City?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Although most apartment complex owners are mandated by law—in addition to being compelled by decency and the plain desire to appeal to the highest number of potential renters—to provide adequate wheelchair accessibility, you’re bound to occasionally come across some that simply aren’t. Whatever the reason, whether it’s been determined that their location would have to take unreasonable measures to provide adequate accessibility, the fact is there are many more options open to disabled renters than you might think.

Doing your homework pays. Before physically visiting any apartment complexes, ensure that you’ve either called ahead or gone online to verify the establishment in question is compliant. This can save you a lot of effort and serious disappointment.

Sometimes just finding a wheelchair accessible apartment isn’t enough, though. Another thing you’ll need to take into consideration is your selected apartment’s proximity to main bus routes that’ll get you where you need to go if you don’t own a car.

If you want to ensure you’re covered on both fronts, check out the information available at Utah.gov’s web page for wheelchair accessible apartments. The site has an updated listing (including addresses and phone numbers) of nearly 70 complexes with apartments for rent in Salt Lake City that fit the bill for your needs.

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