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Where can I look for apartments to the southeast of Houston?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

If you are having a difficult time finding apartments in Southeast Houston, you may want to consider going out to look at Pasadena instead. Even though this city is not right in the heart of things, it has its own perks to offer residents. Pasadena’s Strawberry Festival attracts over 45,000 visitors from the area and beyond each year. The Pasadena Rodeo is another popular event that takes place in town.

With a population of approximately 125,000, Pasadena is by no means a small town. Still, there is a charm to the city that is undeniable. Access to healthcare, entertainment and good schools can be had without commuting to neighboring Houston, and the housing situation is good for renters. Pasadena is a good place to live for those who work in the downtown area of Houston, as the commute is an easy one. This town is worth a look if you aren’t finding what you need in the city center.

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