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Where in Kansas can I find a neighborhood that has a mix of cultures?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Just north of downtown Kansas City is the city’s oldest neighborhood, River Market. It lies just south of the Missoui River and offers a sense of neighborhood and community that is rare to find in an urban setting.

This area is one of the most diverse in the city. Here you’ll find just about any ethnic food you’re looking for in addition to a host of shops and services. It is home to the region’s largest farmer’s market, the historic City Market, and it revels in its roots. This rich history is echoed in the neighborhood’s brick streets, historic buildings, and decorative street lamps.

Residents enjoy a true neighborhood lifestyle; in the evenings, the streets are filled with locals out walking, grabbing a bite at one of the restaurants, or just chatting with neighbors.

Many businesses are located in River Market, and many residents both live and work right in the neighborhood, making the daily commute a unique pleasure.

River Market contains one of the widest choices of apartments for rent Kansas City has to offer, from high-end to budget. There are condos and lofts, brand-new residentials, and renovated buildings that are over a hundred years old.

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